masterGEO does not sell equipment, but shows to you where to buy more cheap. The system is compatible with the trackers from the shop DealExtreme.

What is the DealExtreme?
DealExtreme is a shop located in China that sells products from various categories and delivery to any country in the world, with free shipping.

Why worth buying on DealExtreme?
Several products sold at DealExtreme are much cheaper than the same products sold in other countries. Some of the products that are extremely cheap are memory cards, accessories for video games and mobile phones, lasers, headphones, flashlights, toys, exotic products, computer products and, of course, trackers.

What do I need to buy on DealExtreme?
You first need an international credit card. Then you have to register at PayPal and associate the credit card to your PayPal account.

How to register in PayPal?
The process is easy. Go to the PayPal site and create a register with name, e-mail, phone, address for delivery of products, etc.
Note: all procedures are fully explained on the site of PayPal.
There is no need to register in DealExtreme to make purchases. You only need to enter the email address registered in PayPal. But you can create an account at DealExtreme if you track your purchases with greater ease.

How long does it take to receive my order?
The time of receipt of purchase depends mainly on the type of shipping (Airmail or EMS), but factors such as stock in the store, possible strikes in the government or unforeseen factors can influence a lot. Usually the real time is between 20 days and more than 1 month for AirMail.
How it is possible to take a while, you should not hurry and should avoid buying if you need urgently a product!

I have to pay tax for the product?
Yes. DealExtreme removes the logo of the order and send as gift, which can help to avoid paying taxes. However, this is not guaranteed.

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