masterGEO provides you a tracking system with no monthly fees, and indicates where you can buy your tracker much cheaper than anywhere else.

Real-time location
Address information
Panic status
Sending commands (depending on availability of equipment)
History of up to 2 months
Track by iPhone  
Track by Android  
Track via WAP
Virtual fence
Alerts of panic, speed, ignition, violation, activity, etc
Several devices on the same map
PDF, Excel and Google Earth reports
Paths made in the map
Time of use (activity) in a given period
Mileage over a given period
Search by address with distance calculation
Monthly payment $0 $12.90

Low cost devices
You get your tracker directly from the dealer. We indicate the DealExtreme for being a store with great prices and total credibility.
These devices are manufactured in China and are of excellent quality.

Free tracking
Tracking free, forever. You don't pay to tracking in our free system and have the option to migrate to the MASTER plan that is more complete with a small monthly fee.

Vehicle tracking
The devices can be used for vehicle tracking. The vehicle tracking is the most effective way to ensure the security of your property.
Apart from ensuring your car, you can guarantee your safety, avoid reacting in a robbery or theft of your vehicle, because you know you can retrieve it later!

Tracking motorcycles
It kind of tracking fastest growing. Trackers and compact with built-in antennas are ideal for track motorcycles.

Tracking trucks
Trucks are vehicles that are very expensive and, nowadays, it is essential that they have trackers.

Fleet management
Know where every vehicle in your fleet. You access all your vehicles and have absolute control over each.

Personal tracking
The personal tracking enables total control of people.
Track children: you can track their children by placing a portable tracker in their backpacks.
Track animals: nowadays many pet owners use the portable tracking collars on to find their beloved companions.
Track patients: you can monitor people with Alzheimer's disease, Down syndrome and other diseases.

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